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Published Poet/Novelist/Screenwriter/Combat Veteran

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A Christmas Visitor

A Christmas Visitor

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Christmas Visitor starring William Devane, Meredith Baxter, Dean McDermott, and Reagan Pasternak.   Written by George Samerjan and  David Saperstein.  Hallmark Entertainment.  A family loss that was once a cause to grieve becomes an exquisite memory – and a reason  to celebrate the most extraordinary Christmas of a lifetime.  In the small American  town of New Chatham, Christmas is approaching for the Boyajian family.  But, father George, William Devane, mother Carol, Meredith Baxter, and their daughter Jean (Reagan Pasternak) have lost their desire to celebrate.  Immersed in grief since the death of their son on Christmas Eve 1991, in the Persian Gulf War, George and Carol have foregone the familial comfort and pleasures of the holidays.  But this year, George’s visit to his son’s memorial in town has renewed faith in a heart sick father.  George is determined to bring his family together.  His wish comes true in ways none of them could have anticipated.

It begins when George picks up a young man named Matthew (Dean McDermott) , a hitchhiker presumably without a place to stay.  Accepting the generous invitation to spend the night at George’s house, Matthew also agrees to a well-intentioned charade: to pretend for Carol’s sake, that he knew their beloved son in the war.  But, once inside the warmth of the Boyajian home, settled around a festively decorated tree, Matthew has a few surprises in store for all of them – ones that will renew their faith in each other and in the extraordinary miracles of Christmas.

Long Way Home

Brian McAfee, twenty eight, former staff sergeant in the New York National Guard, a veteran of two tours of duty in Iraq, sits in a lawn chair behind his house drinking Bourbon. He and his wife Barbara argue viciously over his not having “gotten over the war.” Brian knows at that moment it is time to take his own life to end his pain, and set his family free. Brian drives to Speculator. He will visit a fallen comrade’s grave before he kills himself. Barbara finds a note that Brian left. Instantly, she knows what he is about to do, and where he is going. She gets in her car and speeds after him. What follows is a tale of supernatural intervention redeeming the soul of a combat veteran.

A Christmas Passage

(co-written with David Saperstein)
Christmas Eve morning at a crowded airport threatens to become Christmas Day when a heavy snowfall waylays five strangers on their way to Asheville, North Carolina. As the travelers reflect on their lives, a new challenge soon arises: their plane is grounded. but in the spirit of the season, a good Samaritan offers to drive them to Asheville. Then her van gets stuck on a snowy road and a real journey begins for an unlikely group who have more in common than meets the eye as they embark on a magical passage that will show them the true meaning of Christmas…

A Christmas Declaration

(co-written with David Saperstein)
It is Christmas Eve.   Tim and Joni Schultz, married for fifteen years with two children, Homer and Rachel, quietly wrap presents.  Their thoughts are about their son who has a leaking heart valve that will soon require surgery.  Tim and Joni decide to present a unified image of calm and assurance to their children and make this Christmas as normal as possible. A short time later, at the hospital, the surgeon tells Tim and Joni that the latest and most optimum solution for Homer is to implant a Kalango Ring.  An administrator at the hospital, in collusion with an unscrupulous banker, tells them that this effective new surgery is considered experimental by their HMO and is not covered.  She pushes them for a decision.  Under pressure, Tim and Joni choose to sell their farm, at a price that is considerably less than its market value, to pay for their son's lifesaving operation.  Homer has the surgery and recovers, but the Schultz family, now without their home and farm, undergo a drastic change in their standard of living.