New Novels

My literary agent is circulating UPRIVER to publishers. I also sent her TWELVE LETTERS (Twelve wartime letters from a soldier to his younger brother dramatically change his life). The prior version of this novel was 37,000 words. It is now 60,000 words.

And, last night I completed the working draft rewrite/expansion of FROM THE SHADOWS. The basic story remains the same – a young man survives in the wilderness with the aid of reclusive veteran while coping with the murder of his family – but, there is a dramatic new ending which really pulls tight the story threads in an unpredictable conclusion. I like the way it turned out. Now, I have 16,000 more words to go to really polish it up and finish it. The added length, and distance in time since I wrote the earlier version gave me an opportunity to emphasize certain things and add new things.

Established by the National Film Preservation Act of 1988, the National Film Preservation Board works to ensure the survival, conservation and increased public availability of America’s film heritage, including: advising the Librarian on its recommendations for annual selections to the National Film Registry, apprising the Librarian of changing trends and policies in the field of film preservation, and counseling the Librarian on ongoing implementation of the National Film Preservation Plan.
The National Film Registry selects 25 films each year showcasing the range and diversity of American film heritage to increase awareness for its preservation. (Source: Library of Congress, National Film Registry).
My good friend, and co-author on two novels and a screenplay, is the author of COCOON. Once again the list of films going to the National Film Registry, and IT DOES NOT INCLUDE COCOON. For any of you whom have seen COCOON, please nominate it via e-mail to:
In the e-mail please write “I would like to nominate Cocoon, 1985 released by 20th Century Fox, for inclusion in the National Film Registry.”
I’ve sent my e-mail and I encourage all of you to do the same.

Two New Novels On the Way to Agent and Two Others In Work

UPRIVER – An ancient prophecy brings together American adventurers, Jihadis, lost suitcase nuclear weapons, and looted antiquities in a remote jungle in the Golden Triangle. TWELVE LETTERS – Twelve wartime letters from a soldier to his younger brother dramatically change his life. Both these new novels are ready to go to my agent once she recovers from her current battle with the flu. WAR IS A JEALOUS MISTRESS – A female medevac pilot home from war struggles to rebuild her life, and GATOR MUNCHER – A self-proclaimed oracle embarks on a quest through time and space are in work. And the literary rights to A CHRISTMAS VISITOR (novel co-written with David Saperstein) have reverted to us from the original publisher so plans are in work to turn it out as an e-book along with other Christmas E-books.

UPRIVER is Finished

UPRIVER, an action/adventure novel set in the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Asia, is finished. A few days ago I read it one last time before sending it off to the agent. I’m going to take a couple of days off and then get busy with another new idea for a novel.


The story arc and outline for the new novel are drafted. The revised outline and draft of a novel I wrote a few years ago, and am rewriting now, are sitting on my desk. And, I’ve got the first pass at three new collections of poetry waiting for me to turn my attention to them. Yesterday I got a call from the local newspaper. They’re coming by next week to do a a story about my books and my wartime experience in Vietnam.

New Novel and Poetry Collections

I’ve rewritten a novel I first wrote in the 1980’s. I went back and looked at it. It’s a hybrid of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK meets RAMBO with a touch or Asian mysticism. And, I’ve got the first pass of four new poetry collections sitting on the corner of my desk. One collection is poems I wrote about my late wife. One deals with loss and remembrance. One deals with dogs and their role in our lives. One deals with lovers. What I need to do now is slow down and get into careful editing of these items before I have to go back on the road.

New Works Now Available

Home Without a Flag is a collection of poems written during the author’s combat tour in Vietnam, and across the decades afterwards. The poems are of war, and of the warrior returning home

Currently, the paperback is available from CREATESPACE

Currently the e-book version (Kindle) is available from AMAZON. Within a few days the paperback print on demand will be available from Amazon as well.

Currently, the paperback and the Kindle edition are available at AMAZON.

Currently, the paperback and the Kindle edition are available at AMAZON.