Collection of Christmas Novels

Red Sky Presents has published a collection of Christmas novels co-written by David Saperstein and George Samerjan. A CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE, published in November, 2018, is the latest book by these two authors. Red Sky Presents has also redone the cover art, and reprinted A CHRISTMAS DECLARATION, A CHRISTMAS PASSAGE, and a CHRISTMAS VISITOR.

The night after Thanksgiving, four teens play a prank on their small town, taking animal statues for the Christmas creche from a local church and displaying them in various public places -but their joke has consequences. The teens are arrested and sentenced to community service at a senior home where the residents are all retired circus performers. The kids help the seniors in various ways. When the teens arrive on their last day of service, they find the retirement home deserted but in the distance they hear calliope music. They rush toward the sound and see something truly amazing…..

Reminiscent of classic Christmas tales like “A Christmas Carol” and “Miracle on 34th Street”, but set in post 2008 recession America, this heartwarming story explores the true meaning of Christmas, the vision of our founding fathers, and bygone patriotism.

A group of strangers spend a magical, soul searching and healing Christmas Eve. And, when dawn comes, they discover that beyond the night of shelter, warmth, and food, they have received an even greater and uplifting gift from their host and his dog, and experienced the true meaning of having A Christmas Passage.

On Christmas Eve, an ordinary family, mourning a deep loss, experiences a true miracle, courtesy of A Christmas Visitor.

Myself and David Saperstein are also at work on fifth Christmas novel. These books have been very warmly received, and at the time the movie of A CHRISTMAS VISITOR was shown on the Hallmark Channel it was the highest rated movie.