This is what’s happening.

New for the Christmas 2016 season, A CHRISTMAS VISITOR and A CHRISTMAS PASSAGE, published previously in paperback will be coming out with newly designed covers in e-book format. This is the beginning of the roll-out of a series of Christmas novels written by George Samerjan and David Saperstein UPRIVER: An ancient prophecy brings together American adventurers, Jihadists, lost suitcase nuclear weapons, and looted antiquities in a remote jungle is under submission to publishers. My agent has three novels on her desk to review. These three novels were significantly rewritten based on her prior review and comments. FROM THE SHADOWS AND LONG WAY HOME were both expanded to 60,000 words. TWELVE LETTERS: Twelve wartime letters from a soldier to his younger brother dramatically change his life. .FROM THE SHADOWS: A young man survives in the wilderness with the aid of a reclusive veteran while coping with the murder of his family. LONG WAY HOME: Brian McAfee, twenty eight, former staff sergeant in the New York National Guard, a veteran of two tours of duty in Iraq, sits in a lawn chair behind his house drinking Bourbon. He and his wife Barbara argue viciously over his not having “gotten over the war.” Brian knows at that moment it is time to take his own life to end his pain, and set his family free. Brian drives to Speculator. He will visit a fallen comrade’s grave before he kills himself. Barbara finds a note that Brian left. Instantly, she knows what he is about to do, and where he is going. She gets in her car and speeds after him. What follows is a tale of supernatural intervention redeeming the soul of a combat veteran. And, THE BOOK OF GEORGE, a collection of poems I’ve written since 1963 now totals 2,488 poems. I’ve got 3,000 poems in my sight. And work continues on a satirical novel about a self-proclaimed oracle on a quest through time and space. This book is currently at 60,000 words.