New Novels

My literary agent is circulating UPRIVER to publishers. I also sent her TWELVE LETTERS (Twelve wartime letters from a soldier to his younger brother dramatically change his life). The prior version of this novel was 37,000 words. It is now 60,000 words.

And, last night I completed the working draft rewrite/expansion of FROM THE SHADOWS. The basic story remains the same – a young man survives in the wilderness with the aid of reclusive veteran while coping with the murder of his family – but, there is a dramatic new ending which really pulls tight the story threads in an unpredictable conclusion. I like the way it turned out. Now, I have 16,000 more words to go to really polish it up and finish it. The added length, and distance in time since I wrote the earlier version gave me an opportunity to emphasize certain things and add new things.