Two New Novels On the Way to Agent and Two Others In Work

UPRIVER – An ancient prophecy brings together American adventurers, Jihadis, lost suitcase nuclear weapons, and looted antiquities in a remote jungle in the Golden Triangle. TWELVE LETTERS – Twelve wartime letters from a soldier to his younger brother dramatically change his life. Both these new novels are ready to go to my agent once she recovers from her current battle with the flu. WAR IS A JEALOUS MISTRESS – A female medevac pilot home from war struggles to rebuild her life, and GATOR MUNCHER – A self-proclaimed oracle embarks on a quest through time and space are in work. And the literary rights to A CHRISTMAS VISITOR (novel co-written with David Saperstein) have reverted to us from the original publisher so plans are in work to turn it out as an e-book along with other Christmas E-books.