The story arc and outline for the new novel are drafted. The revised outline and draft of a novel I wrote a few years ago, and am rewriting now, are sitting on my desk. And, I’ve got the first pass at three new collections of poetry waiting for me to turn my attention to them. Yesterday I got a call from the local newspaper. They’re coming by next week to do a a story about my books and my wartime experience in Vietnam.

New Novel and Poetry Collections

I’ve rewritten a novel I first wrote in the 1980’s. I went back and looked at it. It’s a hybrid of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK meets RAMBO with a touch or Asian mysticism. And, I’ve got the first pass of four new poetry collections sitting on the corner of my desk. One collection is poems I wrote about my late wife. One deals with loss and remembrance. One deals with dogs and their role in our lives. One deals with lovers. What I need to do now is slow down and get into careful editing of these items before I have to go back on the road.